12 Tons Of Food And Counting

For the past week EHC has more resembled a small supermarket warehouse, than an escalator handrail manufacturing facility. That’s because the staff of EHC have raised 2 and a half tons of food for their Annual Food Drive. This year’s recipient is St. Vincent’s Kitchen.

The Food Drive was started 5 years ago by EHC employees to assist local residents. In the five years that EHC Global has been participating, the company has raised a total of 23, 864 lbs of food. This year the company will need about 8 skids to transport the food. Discount Truck Rentals has happily donated their services.

“This year we raised 5,082 pounds, which is an average of 50lbs per employee” reported Yolanda Sabadin, EHC Food Drive Coordinator. Jeno Eppel, President, EHC Global praised employees, “I’m proud that our staff put their hearts into such a great cause, it truly reflects our mission of helping to make the world a better place.”

It is inspiring to know that in a world where some businesses have not been taking their social responsibilities seriously, there are still corporate entities that understand the principle of strong communities make strong nations and economies.