ADRailUSA™ Escalator Handrail Advertising Debuts At Chicago O’Hare Airport

ADRailUSA™, the exclusive provider of escalator handrail advertising in the United States, today announced its debut at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. On behalf of Hilton’s Hampton Inn brand, the company partnered with Clear Channel Airports, the world’s leading marketer of airport advertising, to launch an advertising campaign on the handrails of escalators throughout the terminals. Patented technology allows ADRailUSA™ to provide an innovative, new out-of-home media platform with unparalleled value for advertisers.

“O’Hare is one of the world’s busiest airports, and ADRail™ is one of the most effective ways to communicate with busy consumers—who become a captive audience during the escalator ride. We are excited and pleased to bring such a deviceful way of marketing into Chicago with Hampton Inn,” said Gianni Cotteta, President of ADRailUSA™.

The Hilton Hampton Inn campaign was unveiled on November 17, runs through December 31, and features vibrant, eye-catching graphics and messaging on the handrails of 16 escalators located throughout all terminals. Consumers are urged to “get your hands on a good value” by visiting to save up to 15%, get free high-speed Internet, and receive a free hot breakfast.

ADRail™ is a new out-of-home media opportunity offering impactful and effective campaigns. These are visually striking and capture busy consumers for the duration of an escalator ride, which averages 30 seconds. In addition, ADRail™ provides powerful ROI for advertisers. Research in the US has proven that 68% of escalator passengers notice the handrail ads, 43% of those who noticed the handrail adds correctly recall the specific messages, and more than 38% report increased interest in the featured brand and product.

ADRailUSA™’s patented technology allows advertising and branding messages to be applied to existing handrails of escalators and moving walkways. ADRail™ also increases safety by helping passengers better gauge the speed and motion of an escalator, and by using an antimicrobial property to reduce the spread of germs.