Award Winning Project – St. Petersburg Metro

EHC Global is pleased to congratulate Constructor Ltd for winning the Elevator World Project of the Year 2010 in the category of Escalators, New Construction.

The award winning project was carried out at the St. Petersburg Metro (State Unitary Enterprise) Spasskaya station. The project involved having the escalators’ sizes reduced without compromising the requirements of the Regulations for the Construction and Safe Use of Escalators. Constructor had the difficult task of fitting the 4 escalators into a tunnel space that would normally accommodate only 3 traditional escalators.

The escalator handrails for this project were manufactured by EHC.

Praising the project, Norman Rosnerksy, Managing Director of EHC’s EMEA operations said, “We are extremely happy to make a contribution to the project. EHC has been manufacturing escalator handrails since 1977, but only in the last few years have we supplied the Russian market. Constructor was one of our very first customers in Russia and we certainly expect to see them win more awards in the future as they are truly innovative in the services they offer.”