EHC Raises 5,244 Pounds For Oshawa Food Drive

EHC is pleased to announce that their Oshawa staff have raised more than 5,200 pounds of food for the 2003 Durham Regional Police Food & Toy Drive.

EHC would like to extend a challenge to other Durham Region companies to beat our average of 65 pounds of food per employee. “We more than doubled our previous record – 2400 pounds, and are certain next year we can exceed this year’s total weight. I would personally like to challenge other local companies to beat this amount this year and in 2004” said Jeno Eppel. Next year, we expect to raise more than 5600 pounds and hope that local companies use this number to benchmark their goals for the 2004 food drive.

Every department from EHC’s Corporate Head Office competed against one another, including Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, IT, Accounting, Maintenance and Technical staff. The winning team raised an average of 159 pounds per person. The winning team consisted of staff from EHC’s logistics department: Duane Cook, Wendy Stevens, Paul Cormack, Lori Morrow, Shawn Silver, and Stan Szmyr.