EHC Awarded Number One In OTIS Quality Award

XOEC (OTIS), one of the largest elevator companies in the world, held their annual Supplier Quality Award Meeting in September. XOEC is an industry leader in innovative technology and services; their products can be found in landmark buildings worldwide.

Stanley Shao, Managing Director of EHC (Shanghai) Co. Ltd attended the ceremony which was held at their Hangzhou, China facility. The company has over 300 suppliers but on that night, only honoured four of their top suppliers, in various categories.

EHC received two awards consisting of:

1) The Quality Improvement Award: Awarded to both the corporation and individual that made the largest contribution towards attaining the very best in quality improvement. EHC was ranked Number One of seven suppliers considered

2) Q+ Level 3 Certification: The United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Q+ process is intended to assist suppliers in reaching world class quality goals through the never-ending process of continuous improvement. Q+ Level 3 is the highest level XOEC has granted to its suppliers. “It is an absolute honour to be one of only four suppliers to pass Q+ Level 3 assessment” said Jeno Eppel, President

Congratulations go out to EHC’s Quality Technician, Shen Hao, for receiving a Crystal Medal for the Individual Quality Contribution Award. XOEC offered him a three day sightseeing tour to Guilin in Southern China.

“I would like to thank our Production, Quality, and Sales Teams for their excellent efforts and contribution in delivering quality products and services this past year to our valued customer, XOEC. Our ongoing commitment has been recognized and we will continue to provide the ‘excellence’ in production and services that our customers are accustomed to.” said Stanley Shao

This recognition reaffirms EHC’s commitment to the process of ongoing improvements in order to remain strong and competitive in a constantly evolving Chinese marketplace.

EHC Achieves ISO14001 Certification

SGS recently certified EHC Global’s Head Office located in Oshawa to the ISO14001- 2004 Environmental Management System Standard for its commitment to meeting environmental standards.

“We have always been dedicated to becoming environmentally sound and helping make our community a healthier place to live. This year, those efforts have been formally recognized by bringing in SGS. I am tremendously proud of our staff’s commitment to making the world a better place.” Jeno Eppel, President

One of the many changes EHC invested in was finding ways to reduce usage of Isocyanates – toxic substances that have the potential to harm humans and the environment. The result has been a reduction by 92% in their Oshawa facility, so far, and plans are in progress for complete elimination. In addition, overall usage of VOC solvents has been reduced by 25%. By using more environmentally friendly materials, EHC is focused on achieving a healthier work environment.

“The diversion of tonnes of waste from landfills each year is a direct result of EHC’s ongoing commitment to the environment by utilizing all the resources available, including the recycling of almost all our major components” Duane Cook, EHC’s Environmental Manager.

This certification represents just one aspect, albeit an important one, of EHC’s continued commitment to provide products that are not only environmentally safe but offer cost-effective solutions. Realizing the long-term implications of rising fuel and energy costs in general, EHC has taken the necessary steps to mitigate energy inefficiencies in hopes to offset the increased expense and avoid burdening customers with additional costs. Says Eppel, “We believe the extensive environmental and conservation measures we have undergone in recent months, reinforce that commitment. To keep our commitment top of mind, we are celebrating with all of our staff on July 17th with a tree planting ceremony at our Head Office in Oshawa.”

EHC is now looking towards products of the future – new materials and ways of manufacturing that use less material overall.

EHC – First Escalator Handrail Manufacturer To Achieve ISO 9001:2000 Certification

EHC, a leading supplier in the design, manufacture and service of handrails and accessories for escalators announced today that their Quality Management System has been audited by SGS

International Certification Services Canada Inc., and found to be compliant to the ISO 9001:2000 International Standard.

The new ISO 9001:2000 standard, is far more forward looking than the 1994 standard, challenging all existing processes to see if they add customer value, focusing the company more on customer satisfaction and overall business performance. “We are all extremely pleased that all EHC employees consistently maintain high standards, accepting recommendations for improvement, identifying and resolving problems,” said Jeno Eppel. “Our employees should be very proud of this accomplishment.”

According to the ISO organization, the major advantage of their “One standard, one test – accepted everywhere” philosophy, is that the existence of this internationally accepted standard & test helps to foster the development of a global market for goods or services. In doing so, it makes products and services acceptable in all countries. EHC currently has 4 manufacturing facilities and 16 service facilities strategically located around the world.

“All of our customers can be assured that EHC is fully committed to delivering high quality products and services while working towards continuous improvement, from any one of our service or manufacturing facilities,” said Ron Ball, Founder.

The audit of EHC’s Quality Management System was conducted by SGS in accordance with The ISO 9001:2000 International Standard, resulting in a certification for another three-year term. EHC has been working with SGS since 1994, when the company received its first ISO 9000 certification to the ISO 9001:1994 standard.